Solar New Installation

The increasing costs of utilities can be frustrating for organizations trying to manage expenses and maintain margins.. Installing a solar system to a commercial rooftop or parking lot can help to offset rising costs, reduce operating expenses and tax liabilities, secure sustainable margins, accelerate depreciation and provide an overall positive return on investment. In short, solar can be good for business. But not just for profit businesses, government entities, non-profit organizations, schools & universities, small and large entities alike.

Commercial Solar Panel System
Commercial solar system

Often referred to as Commercial & Industrial or C&I, can refer to both ground mounted and rooftop solar systems varying in size.  

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Commercial Solar Monitoring & Maintenance

Solar panels often rest out of sight and out of mind, quietly producing electricity for decades. If not monitored, they may also be silent when an unexpected wiring problem occurs, taking a panel offline. To make sure a solar system is working properly, monitoring systems and experts help to assure that the solar system is producing as intended. 

Do solar panels need to be cleaned? Rain can provide a helpful rinse, but similarly to the need for periodic window washing, a thorough panel cleaning helps to maintain peak performance. Dust, pollen and debris can reduce a solar system’s effectiveness. The frequency of cleaning required depends on the environment. 

Commercial Solar Replacement and Relocation 

Sold your home but the new buyer doesn’t like the look of solar? No worries, have the panels relocated. Accidents happen as well. For those needing to replace panels, inverters or other parts of a solar system due to storm damage or random accident, Infinity Solar can help. 

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