Farming with solar is different from solar farming. A solar panel installation area involves harvesting the sun’s energy through panels. Also, this does not necessarily involve plants or agricultural activity. It’s a bit ironic that a solar farm is different from a farm with solar but that’s that. For information on adding solar panels to an agricultural environment, please see the page on Agrivoltaics. 

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A Solar panel installation area is often referred to as a park, station or plant. Essentially, it is a power plant utilizing solar energy to harness electricity. The size of the plant might vary but usually starts off at 6-8 acres in order to justify the high quantity solar panel purchase involved. The location for a solar panel installation area can vary from steep inclined land, to fields and even large paved parking lots. 


Solar panels installation areas are ground based, as large roof top based solar systems are considered and referred to as commercial solar. Installation costs for a solar farm can range from between *$0.89 to $1.01 per watt, making the cost per watt for a solar farm under a third of the cost of installing a residential solar panel system. Land owners who lease their land out for a solar farm can earn between $250-$3,000 per acre/year.


Community Solar System

Shared solar, solar garden, and solar coop are all phrases used to describe the growing trend of community solar. For those renting or living in a property not suitable for solar panels, the option of joining a group of like-minded individuals and organizations to support solar is growing in popularity and profitability.

farming with solar

See your tax professional for information on how to appreciate tax incentives through participating in a solar community

Solar Farm

For homeowners who desire a Solar farm and move often due to career demands or other reasons. Having community solar is an attractive option. Rather than set up solar every few years on a new home, participating in a large-scale solar community can maximize the return on investment and save time. 

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Large Scale Solar farms

Utility Solar Panel Farm

Large Solar panel installation areas are often developed by utility companies that are determined to diversify their electricity generating sources. Oftentimes, these companies hire subject matter experts as consultants. Majorly to assist with planning, permitting,  installation, and other tasks related to establishing or maintaining a Utility Solar Panel installation areas. However, that is where Infinity Solar can assist. To schedule a call/meeting to discuss the installation, service, maintenance, repair or monitoring of a Utility Solar Farm, click here.